The Company

Local sourcing, global sales

Reukema Recycling’s core business is to buy metals and paper from all over the world and to process them in as efficient a manner as possible for the best possible prices, terms and conditions.

Vision - Always ahead


Reukema is committed to make scrap metal business recycling easy by working on simplifying processes.
We build strong partnerships with both our suppliers and clients that embrace those simplified processes providing a smooth experience.
At Reukema we are proud of our outstanding operational excellence. Reukema offers to all its network partners (suppliers, clients, logistic partners, ship forwarders and other stakeholders) the best user experience in every part of the process within the scrap journey.
Reukema is a main player in the recycling industry and we are committed to be recognized as one of the most sustainable companies in our market.


“What makes us truly proud at Reukema?

Although we love being in profitable scrap metal business and while we have 100 years of experience, we feel at our best as we got things done: when the pier is empty, the yard is cleaned and in order, when a lot of business has been handled and the containership has left our Harderwijk terminal. But most of all we are proud when we have helped out our partners and when they appreciate doing business with us.
We are proud when we accomplish improvements: big improvements or small improvements. We like to move forward in order to serve all our partners.
When our partners appreciate doing business with us because of our solid service and operations, when we make them happy by helping out in their daily business, when we beat their expectations by our smooth service and clear operations: that’s what makes us smile proudly.
In rapid changing times, we want to keep improving our business, we will exceed expectations, we will innovate our processes in order to be ahead. To stay in business for another 100 years, sustainable in recycling.
Proud to be ahead.