Local support and sustainable projects

Reukema has always wanted to support Harderwijk local activities or projects and is furthermore always interested to take a step towards the next innovation applicable to our branch.


New restaurant on the Harderwijk beach, providing a nice place for youth and family to gather. We are really impress by the growth of that business: from few containers provided by Reukema at the start to a real all year around restaurant.


Our trucks are always looking forwards to bring containers at this free festival in Harderwijk that brings together all the local community and is becoming bigger year after year.

Ice-skating ring Harderwijk

We are happy to be the headsponsor of Harderwijk op ijs for the last years. This nice initiative allows families, schools, children and companies to have a nice sharing moment on the ice in the winter right at their doors!

Patrick Visser

This artist is expressing his art in his atelier directly on our site. He finds the material needed on the yard and makes amazing creations! Another way to see and use scrap. See here.


  • Reukema is involved with the university TuDelft in order to bring innovation to our branch working on concrete challenges of our industry.
  • Reukema likes to participate in events such as Hackathon IoTHarderwijk. Bringing different worlds together in order to create something new is always a way to think at Reukema.