Good news, in 2019 we are extending the opening times of our yard!

New yard opening times

At Reukema we use the feedback of our partners to keep improving our services. We are pleased to announce that we are extending the opening hours of our yard.

From January 2nd onwards, our yard will be open from 6:30 to 20:00 hours.

With our extended opening times:

  • we will be able to provide a better and faster service on our yard,
  • our customers will be able to plan their pick-ups and deliveries at Reukema in line with their own business schedule.

These extended opening times will give our suppliers the possibility to unload earlier and later, making their time schedule more flexible and increasing their business opportunities. If necessary, they could even make several deliveries in a day!

We have also arranged extra loading hours both in the afternoon and evening (16:30 to 20:00). Therefore, in order to reduce the waiting time, when picking up loads we advise to come at our yard in the afternoon and evening.

Reukema wants to provide the best and quickest service to its partners so they can plan their loading and unloading activities when it suits their tight schedule best.

We are looking forward to keep growing by bringing our partners the best service!

Practical information