Policy statement

Integral care for Quality, Health, Safety and Environment contributes to the success of Reukema!


For Reukema Blocq & Maneschijn and Reukema Papier Harderwijk (hereinafter: Reukema), the concepts of Quality, Health, internal and external Safety and care for the Environment (KAM) are important and inextricably linked aspects of its business operations.

Management statement
Quality, Health, Safety & Environment

Reukema pursues a policy that does justice to all the interests of its customers, customers, the society of which it is a part, the employees and shareholders, with due observance of the applicable laws and regulations and current standards and values.
Ensuring quality, good working conditions, internal and external safety and the environment is an integral part of our policy.
With this statement, the management of Reukema Blocq & Maneschijn declares that its policy within the described scope of the management system is suitable for the nature, size and environmental impact of all its business activities.

Starting points

The starting points for Reukema’s Quality, Healthy and Environmental Policy are;

  • All managers are responsible for the implementation of the Quality, Health and Environmental Policy.
  • All employees must perform their activities in accordance with established process descriptions, generally accepted practices, rights and responsibilities, while paying due attention to quality, health and safety and environmental aspects of those activities.
  • The aim is to prevent known hazards, which could lead to personal injury or occupational disease, to prevent accidents or environmental damage, the necessary preventive measures are taken.
  • In order to stimulate the Quality, Health & Safety and Environmental awareness of the employees, appropriate information and instructions are provided and maintained.
  • Attempts are made to control the processes, in order to produce as effectively as possible by means of a system that besides cost-effective (efficient) also minimizes the burden on the environment.
    Continuous improvement of activities and processes is achieved by formulating clear objectives and periodically evaluating results, according to the following management systems;

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 latest version (Quality management system.)

  • Compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, where laws and regulations set by the government fail or are lacking, internal rules are drawn up and complied with.
  • Consideration will include technological, financial, operational and business opportunities as well as stakeholder views.
  • Customer property (both materialistic and intellectual) is handled carefully by the organization.

Scope ISO9001

  • Reukema Blocq & Maneschijn: Recycling and trading in ferrous and non-ferrous metals by sorting, separating and comminuting.
  • Reukema Papier Harderwijk: Trading waste paper (cardboard and other paper types)
  • The design and development of IT services is excluded within this ISO certification.


Reukema’s strategy is to make recycling of ferrous, non-ferrous metals and waste paper easier. We do this by focusing on 3 strategic pillars: Growth, Simplicity and Innovation.
Growth means growth in margin and number of customers.
Simplicity means organizing processes as well and efficiently as possible for the customer.
Innovation means for Reukema being at the forefront of digitization and use of data, as well as developing technologies that can simplify the quality inspection and sorting of materials.

Integral care for Quality, Health, Safety and Environment contributes to the success of Reukema!