Digital tooling

Blending scrap and innovation

Since 2012 Reukema successfully managed each year to grow in volume, reduce cost levels and at the same time improve the quality of services towards its customers by simplifying processes through innovation.


One of our key innovation for making the customer journey as seamless as possible is
This portal allows our customers  to navigate through real-time metal prices, sell their metal scrap directly online, view contracts and read the latest news articles on scrap.
This portal gets us closer to one of our objectives to provide a 100% digital journey to our customers. This will allow to provide even better services from our skilled staff that will be able to focus on our customers specific requests.
Thanks to ReukemaDirect we make trading and working with Reukema easy, possible at anytime, anywhere and on any device. All in all moving towards a 100% digital journey that will be perfectly complete thanks to the expertise of our staff always here to advise you the best ways possible.

Planning tool

Since 2015, Reukema has put in place a system to plan incoming deliveries. This allows less waiting time at our doors, better efficiency on the yard and therefore better service to our customers.

Do you want to learn more about it? Read here.

Grading app

Our quality controllers on the yard are reporting the quality of the incoming goods through a grading app on their phones. This allows a perfect traceability, identification of the load and complete report to our traders and clients with pictures. This quality report is then sent to our customers.