Non-ferro metals distributor

Local sourcing, global sales


Reukema has a specific role in the market: we are Non-ferrous distributors.
We are the link between metal scrap collectors and processors or smelters. We have a great network and knowledge of the metal scrap collectors landscape and we have a reach all over the world in order to find the best outlets for non-ferro products.


We made the choice to be specialized in non-ferrous metals. By being focus, it allows us to be the best choice for local collectors and end users. By becoming experts, we provide the best services, are reliable and provide professional solutions. Thanks to this specialization choice, we are now market leader in The Netherlands.


Thanks to our 100 years of experience and our skilled and diverse commercial team, we possess a world network that allows us to be always competitive by adapting to the market demands. This world network allows us to be aware of the markets global trends and we are able to inform or customers of the evolving tendencies.