Promise USP

Always ahead

Reukema wants to anticipate any needs of its customers and will thrive to always find new solution and ways to make it easier for them.

9 ways we support your success

  • Always striving for the best price
  • Sharing the latest relevant news on scrap metals but also markets influencers
  • Open for trading from 7am till 7pm
  • Deliveries always welcome: choose your timeslot, we serve you fast
  • Clear, fast & fair quality control and claim settlement
  • 100% digital experience with
  • We love to hear your opinion
  • Always buying
  • Fast payments

Always Buying

Market changes: hedging

We hedge all material that we buy which allow us to buy with a low market or a high market. What matters for us then are the margin and formula.

High stock rotation

We are able to handle a fast in and out stock flow. This allows us to keep receiving loads at any time for any quality.

One of our goal is to make our yard as efficient as possible.

Fast Payments

We offer the possibility of fast payment to all our suppliers.

Relevant Info

Information is the key in a changing market

With a team of  20 traders active all over the world, our risk management team that keep an eye on the market every minute of the day and our contacts with transport companies, we are able to gather relevant and filtered information for our suppliers and clients.

Information is a new currency and we provide it to all our clients in order to help them make their daily business choices holding all the cards of the game.

Clear Guidelines


We give clear quality description when purchasing or selling product

Quality report

We provide a complete quality report when receiving different loads. this makes easy for our clients to be informed the right way of our quality assessment and reception of the load.

Fair Quality Check

Our contracts are clear regarding the specification of the bought material. The quality check are done in agreement of those contract and we will always make a clear and fair assessment with all means available.